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Education without values makes man an intelligent devil. The goal of education is to enhance intelligence and to impart best values into a student. Child’s 90% of attitude is set at the age of 4. Then parents are the only teacher. Parents can build up or build down a child’s attitude. Similarly about 90% of a child’s values are set at the age of 14. Parents, teachers and the society together can build up or build down the values in a student.

                                True education starts when one understand oneself. This kind of proactive thinking and understanding can occur only when pupil embrace the root values. Values enable pupil to think ethically and positively. Fathima Public School imparts value based education to qualify the students fit for the society and hence to become an asset, rather than liability, for own family and the society. Everything starts with a thought. A rewarding and fulfilling life begin with a positive thought and attitude. Fathima Public School is committed to instil positive thoughts in to students through special training. This brings students inherent talents out from the invisible level into their practical life that helps student understand himself and his potential. Accordingly students set their life ambition and achieve success in life.

Trust Chairman
H. Ansarudeen.

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About our school

Fathima Public School (FPS) was established in the year 1999-2000 by the Fathima Educational and Charitable Trust at Punalur in Kollam District. FPS began to develop year by year from LKG Class since the inception year 1999 till date. Now the FPS is a Senior Secondary School with Minority Status. The school is situated in 3 acre campus within 200 meter from Punalur Railway Station and Punalur –Kottarakkara highway road within 250 meter from the Punalur Private Bus Station. The school provides congenial atmosphere for sound education and healthy living. The aim of the school is to provide quality education to students at reasonable fees. The system of FPS conforms to achieve standards comparable to the best in India. FPS imparting quality education for the academic development as well as the personality enhancement of the students through value based education. In the academic field, the educational programme offers opportunities to various co-curricular activities. The school inculcates to the students a system of values which are rooted in our rich culture and traditions. Social justice, equality of opportunity genuine freedom, respect for religions and moral value unstrained in the constitution of India are other principles FPS establishes. The school seeks to promote excellence by recognizing the extraordinary contribution made by its staff and students.

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