Trust Chairman


Education without values makes man an intelligent devil. The goal of education is to enhance intelligence and to impart the best values to a student. Child 90% of attitude is set at the age of 4. Then parents are the only teacher. Parents can build up or build down a child's attitude. Similarly, about 90% of a child's values are set at the age of 14. Parents, teachers, and society together can build up or build down the values in a student.

True education starts when one understands oneself. This kind of proactive thinking and understanding can occur only when pupil embraces the root values. Values enable pupil to think ethically and positively. Fathima Public School imparts value-based education to qualify the students to fit for the society and hence to become an asset for the society. Everything starts with a thought. A rewarding and fulfilling life begins with a positive thought and attitude. Fathima Public School is committed to instill positive thoughts into students and bring out their inherent talents from the invisible to the visible level. This helps the student understands him, his life, accordingly set the life ambition and achieve success in life.